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Friday, June 24

GlossyBox June 2016

Hey guys,

So as you know I am obsessed with my glossybox if you ever get to see my room you would realise that my room is absolutely covered in them. Most of my aake up is stored in them till I move out and have more room for all my make up.

This months Glossybox was  better than the last I still miss the days where I would open my glossybox like I do for christmas and valentines day and be really excited and surprised for it.

1) Lait, After Sun Lotion

For someone who is very fair after sun is amazing.
I'm not one to buy expensive after suns but this one smells beautiful.
The fact that I live in England sun is rare. 
When I do get to use this I will either review it as a stand alone post or I will have it in a products I regret buying post.

2) Ladival Sunprotection in factor 15 (Fullsize)

Not only did they include after sun they included sun protection.
I need to start remembering to wear spf everyday.
This is very light compared what factor I normally use.
I burn super easy so I traditionally use factor 30-50.
This is a great full size but will be passed on to my Nan.

3) Spa to you konjac sponge

I tried this the other day.
This is the weirdest thing ever.
not only is it supposed to be hard then water it will go soft.
There is product in the sponge.
I did not like the texture of this at all.

4) Origins Ginzing Moisturizer 

For once a brand I recognise.
I have never tried anything from origins.
I'm happy to have this sample.
I cannot wait to try it out and maybe dive into the world of origins.
One thing is smells amazing and I love products that smell good. 

5) Emite Lip and cheek tint 

As you can see the formula is very sheer.
Even though its a tint it did not really last.
I do not really wear tints.
The packaging is pretty but everything else was bad.

Bonus gift: Aussie 3 minute miracle 

I have coloured hair and I love masks.
I had one from Glossybox months back that was phenomenal.
This is for damaged hair and seeing as I bleach my hair this may help.

Therefore, overall I liked the box good mix. I just miss the days of boxes having more make up in them.