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Friday, June 10

I'm Back!!!

Hey guys,

So I went on a two month plus hiatus. I have been swamped with uni work and well trying to keep my social life up to date. I thought I would give you a quick update.

So 1 I am a hell of a lot more blonde than I was 2 months ago

See more blonde. This was a style done by the lovely team at Bumble and Bumble team.
This is a dry pony tail. I absoloutely adored getting this done. This was two weeks ago and I went with Jamie who also got his hair styled and now uses the tips and trips they said to do.

So heading on from that I am still with Jamie and well happier than ever with him.

I finally finished my first year of university which is made my life a lot less stressful because I now have time to actually relax I can not remember the last time I watched netflix.

So that is a brief little update.
How are you guys doing???