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Wednesday, June 15

The June Birchbox

Hey guys,

So as you know I have been subscribed to Birchbox since about the beginning of the year and I really enjoy the little box of joy in my post every month.
This month was a little different they added an extra gift for a bit more money.
I was more than into this because well it was a pair of Quay sunnies and I was dying to try them out.

So Normally the birch box comes in the little pink package. 
Because they had the extra gift it came in this huge box.

So the extra gift was a pair of Quay sunglasses in sugar and spice.
These retail for £40.00 

This months box was a little different it pulled out like a drawer.
I love the pal tree print.
Its a perfect summer box.
This Months theme was paradise found I do not think the box hit this mark for me.

The first thing I pull out is this over night face tan mask.
This is by James Read.
I barely fake tan for the fact that I'm so lazy.
I will try this on soon. 
Maybe it will end up in a favourites.
A full size of this which this is not retails for £25 which is okay I guess.

The next item I'm slightly tired of seeing in subscription boxes.
To me hairspray is annoying.
I do not use it on a day to day basis barely even a monthly basis. 
This is being passed onto Jamie he uses hair spray like no ones business.
Yet again a travel size a full size retails for £12

The next item is a brand I know of  I've met the lovely founder of this brand.
This is the MONU relaxing bali oil.
I think this is going to be one that i use on an occasion when I've had a rough day.
Might even use it for a massage.
The full size retails for £29.95

The next is a brand I'm getting fed up of seeing in subscription boxes I've seen it so much.
This is a Jelly Pong Pong paradise pigment in cake pop.
This is the only make up and full size item.
This retails for £17.95.
This product is creamy but definitely not worth the price point.

The last item is an aiye exfoliater.
it retails for £25
its supposed to be gentle.
I will use this up and that'll be about it unless it completely wow's me.

So did you get this months birchbox?
What do you think of it?
Any other subscriptions I should get???