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Sunday, July 31

GlossyBox July 2016

Hey guys,

So I am sorry for the brief break. I was literally working non-stop.
So here is the glossy box that I got maybe two weeks ago. So I have been trying these products out and really working them into the ground.
For once there is a mini review which is very rare because I normally open it and blog about it.
I have lost the card about the info about the products like the prices but I still think Glossybox slightly inflate them to make the box looks more expensive than it is.
If I can find the products I will link them below.

First lets start with how annoyed I am that we are still getting pink boxes.
While the states box is stunning and have amazing items in it.
We have not had a limited edition box in months.
We may do in august to celebrate the glossybox anniversary.

The first item I pulled out was a blank canvas brush.
I have not heard very much about blank canvas.
Let me tell you this brush is soft.
I use it to gently finish buffing in my foundation to give an airbrushed look.
I love brushes in subscription boxes.

The next item is one I hated.
It is the icona milano mascara.
This did not give my lashes any umph.
It barely gave any volume.

The next is an item that has become a handbag staple.
This is an Hawaiian tropics lipgloss.
Normally I do not wear lipgloss.
Due to the recent weather changes this is perfect.
It has spf 20 and uv protection.
I love this because many forget your lips burn too. 

The next item has also become a staple.
This is the hairon compact brush.
I adore this because even on wet hair it brushes through.
I have been using this non-stop near enough daily when at Jamie's.

The next item I'm still a bit unsure about.
This is the Utan facial tanner.
You sleep in this tanner.
I would get so confused and most probably not match my body.
I'm dubious but I will try it soon. 

So this is my July glossybox.



Monday, July 11

OOTD:The Teal Dress

Hey Guys,

So the other night I was going to my brothers play where he was Danny Zucko from Grease. Do not think I have been so proud of my little brother as he suffers with dyslexia and he learnt all the words to both his script and the songs perfectly.
So I decided on such a hot day that I would take some pictures of my outfit as its beautiful and well I have not done an outfit of the day post in ages.

Dress: Asos Sale: £6
Shoes: New Look: £12
Clutch: Matalan
Sunglasses Quay: £35

This outfit is beautiful.
The sunnies are literally one of my most worn pairs.
The dress is really floaty and light weight.
I can not wait to wear this again.

Do you want me to do more ootd's?
What do you want to see on the blog?


Sunday, July 10

Day In Thorpe Park.

Hey Guys,

So on Monday myself and Jamie ventured out to Surrey to Thorpe Park.
After being stuck in m25 traffic for what felt like 4 hours when really it was 2 we finally got there.
The weather was beautiful not normal for Britain at all.
Myself and Jamie ended up doing all the big rides apart from the newest one because they still trying to get all the kinks and tricks out of it.
I did not end up taking as many pictures as I wanted to but I was having way too much fun and well I forgot my camera is even with me.

So yeh that was my day.
My warning always book in advance.
If you can get fast track passes.
And always try and go when it is not in the summer.

Have you been to thorpe park?
What is your favourite ride??


Friday, July 8

BirchBox July 2016

Hey guys,

So not only do I love subscription boxes I am coming to love birchbox. I have not been with the company that long because I don't know I have never wanted to dive into the world of birchbox but now I never want to leave.

This months box was a collaboration with Millie Makintosh, famously known for being in made in Chelsea and wife of Professor Green.

Look how gorgeous this box is!!! I love it need to start storing things in it straight away I was thinking things from dates me and Jamie go one. I love keeping memories.

The first item I pulled out is a full size.
We got to chose this item.
I chose the John Freida Lucious volume in shower treatment.
I love that this is a full size.
It retails for £9.99.
I literally cannot wait to wash my hair and put this in.

The next is a LOC product.
LOC is a birch box exclusive brand.
This was created with Millie.
The colour is called Bohemian Rose.
This is yet again a full size.
It retails for £9

The next is an itty bitty nail polish.
This is a Nails in colour.
I got the colour Park Walk.
It is a beautiful fushia shade.
I can not wait to paint my nails that colour.

The next product was the hardest to picture.
This is a brand I've never heard of.
Its called Thermaliv.
This is a sample of their lotion micellaire.
It is supposed to be double duty both removing make up and cleansing.
The full size retails fir £12.90.
If I like this I may have to purchase a full size.
I love this little bottle perfect trail size.

The next product is another fullsize.
Its in the shade natural.
I could not get a picture of it.
If i'm doing a no make up make up day I will use this.
It is beautiful.
The fullsize retails for £10.50.

Normally the Birchbox bag is plain and just says birchbox.
I love that this months has a little saying on it.
I hope they keep doing this because I reuse my bags.

Did you get this months box??
Any variations of the box??



Wednesday, July 6

The Benefit Brow Products

Hi guys,

So as you may of seen many bloggers have been sent the new brow products from benefit.
I however went into a a boots asked the lady at the benefit counter about each product and bought the one that I thought would be the best for me.

So the two items I picked up was the Ka brow and the high glow.
The packaging is beautiful.
The ka brow is a new product the high brow has just been repackaged 

I own shade 3 out of the 6 shades they do.
I have quite light brows compare to my natural hair colour.
I also love this. shade because you can make it darker.
The highlighter is beautiful but you can not see it in this picture.

The kabrow has such a long handle because there is a brush hidden in there.
The brush is amazing gives me full brows.
I have very fine and spare brows.

What have you got from the benefit collection?!?



Monday, July 4

The Jaclyn Hill x Becca Face Palette

Hi Guys,

So as you know or may not I collect make up that is High end and low end anything limited edition or new I lust over. The minute I saw this palette I knew it had to be mine.

For at least 3 reasons 
1) The packaging is absolutely beautiful
2) Jaclyn Hill is amazing
3) I'm obsessed with high lighters at this present moment in time.

Yes this palette is limited edition.
Yes this palette is stunning.
Yes this palette is £48 but worth every penny.

I adore the white on gold theme its so gorgeous.
Definitely one for the dressing table.

The shades on this palette are perfect.
They would suit any skin tone.
The highlights are stunning and last all day.
I especially love the shade Ameretto which is the middle shade.
I wore it on date night the other night.
I have not as of yet dived into the brighter pink shade called pamplemousse.
However rose spritz makes a beautiful glow along with prosecco pop.
I love that they are named after drinks.
They are such beautiful colours.

 Did you managed to get this palette??



Friday, July 1

Meeting Fleur De Force

Hi Guys,

Something I do not mention enough on my blog is who I look up to and who inspired me to become a blogger when it was not just the anxiety I looked up to people to as most do. One of the biggest inspirations is Fleur. She is so sweet and I love her videos because shes so down to earth and has amazing make up and fashion tastes. I utterly envy her handbag and shoe collection.
I was in London with my friends and remembered that Fleur was doing a meet up at the sunglass hut in Oxford street. In the store was 50000 pairs of sunglasses that I now want to buy.

The sunglass hut was offering free manicures and champagne I felt very fancy.

The lovely girls from the METS company did my nails.
On my nails is Barry M Bikini which is from their new coconut infused range.
This colour is stunning.
Jamie is not into the make up thing but even he said it was a pretty colour.

Then myself and my pals got in the queue to meet Fleur.

How stunning is she?!?!?!
I adore her fashion sense.
I am lusting over this jacket and those shoes.