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Friday, July 8

BirchBox July 2016

Hey guys,

So not only do I love subscription boxes I am coming to love birchbox. I have not been with the company that long because I don't know I have never wanted to dive into the world of birchbox but now I never want to leave.

This months box was a collaboration with Millie Makintosh, famously known for being in made in Chelsea and wife of Professor Green.

Look how gorgeous this box is!!! I love it need to start storing things in it straight away I was thinking things from dates me and Jamie go one. I love keeping memories.

The first item I pulled out is a full size.
We got to chose this item.
I chose the John Freida Lucious volume in shower treatment.
I love that this is a full size.
It retails for £9.99.
I literally cannot wait to wash my hair and put this in.

The next is a LOC product.
LOC is a birch box exclusive brand.
This was created with Millie.
The colour is called Bohemian Rose.
This is yet again a full size.
It retails for £9

The next is an itty bitty nail polish.
This is a Nails in colour.
I got the colour Park Walk.
It is a beautiful fushia shade.
I can not wait to paint my nails that colour.

The next product was the hardest to picture.
This is a brand I've never heard of.
Its called Thermaliv.
This is a sample of their lotion micellaire.
It is supposed to be double duty both removing make up and cleansing.
The full size retails fir £12.90.
If I like this I may have to purchase a full size.
I love this little bottle perfect trail size.

The next product is another fullsize.
Its in the shade natural.
I could not get a picture of it.
If i'm doing a no make up make up day I will use this.
It is beautiful.
The fullsize retails for £10.50.

Normally the Birchbox bag is plain and just says birchbox.
I love that this months has a little saying on it.
I hope they keep doing this because I reuse my bags.

Did you get this months box??
Any variations of the box??