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Sunday, July 10

Day In Thorpe Park.

Hey Guys,

So on Monday myself and Jamie ventured out to Surrey to Thorpe Park.
After being stuck in m25 traffic for what felt like 4 hours when really it was 2 we finally got there.
The weather was beautiful not normal for Britain at all.
Myself and Jamie ended up doing all the big rides apart from the newest one because they still trying to get all the kinks and tricks out of it.
I did not end up taking as many pictures as I wanted to but I was having way too much fun and well I forgot my camera is even with me.

So yeh that was my day.
My warning always book in advance.
If you can get fast track passes.
And always try and go when it is not in the summer.

Have you been to thorpe park?
What is your favourite ride??