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Sunday, July 31

GlossyBox July 2016

Hey guys,

So I am sorry for the brief break. I was literally working non-stop.
So here is the glossy box that I got maybe two weeks ago. So I have been trying these products out and really working them into the ground.
For once there is a mini review which is very rare because I normally open it and blog about it.
I have lost the card about the info about the products like the prices but I still think Glossybox slightly inflate them to make the box looks more expensive than it is.
If I can find the products I will link them below.

First lets start with how annoyed I am that we are still getting pink boxes.
While the states box is stunning and have amazing items in it.
We have not had a limited edition box in months.
We may do in august to celebrate the glossybox anniversary.

The first item I pulled out was a blank canvas brush.
I have not heard very much about blank canvas.
Let me tell you this brush is soft.
I use it to gently finish buffing in my foundation to give an airbrushed look.
I love brushes in subscription boxes.

The next item is one I hated.
It is the icona milano mascara.
This did not give my lashes any umph.
It barely gave any volume.

The next is an item that has become a handbag staple.
This is an Hawaiian tropics lipgloss.
Normally I do not wear lipgloss.
Due to the recent weather changes this is perfect.
It has spf 20 and uv protection.
I love this because many forget your lips burn too. 

The next item has also become a staple.
This is the hairon compact brush.
I adore this because even on wet hair it brushes through.
I have been using this non-stop near enough daily when at Jamie's.

The next item I'm still a bit unsure about.
This is the Utan facial tanner.
You sleep in this tanner.
I would get so confused and most probably not match my body.
I'm dubious but I will try it soon. 

So this is my July glossybox.