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Monday, July 4

The Jaclyn Hill x Becca Face Palette

Hi Guys,

So as you know or may not I collect make up that is High end and low end anything limited edition or new I lust over. The minute I saw this palette I knew it had to be mine.

For at least 3 reasons 
1) The packaging is absolutely beautiful
2) Jaclyn Hill is amazing
3) I'm obsessed with high lighters at this present moment in time.

Yes this palette is limited edition.
Yes this palette is stunning.
Yes this palette is £48 but worth every penny.

I adore the white on gold theme its so gorgeous.
Definitely one for the dressing table.

The shades on this palette are perfect.
They would suit any skin tone.
The highlights are stunning and last all day.
I especially love the shade Ameretto which is the middle shade.
I wore it on date night the other night.
I have not as of yet dived into the brighter pink shade called pamplemousse.
However rose spritz makes a beautiful glow along with prosecco pop.
I love that they are named after drinks.
They are such beautiful colours.

 Did you managed to get this palette??