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Wednesday, August 3

20 Facts about me.

Hey guys,

So I'm quite an open book when it comes to my blog and I pretty much write how I feel but I decided to recreate my 20 facts about me because well I've changed since the last time I did it.

1) My full name is Alexandra-Louise Hilda Osman
2) I currently study sociology and criminology at university.
3) I have been in a relationship with Jamie since 10/02/16
4) At one point in my life I never believed in love.
5) I suffer and deal with on a daily basis anxiety and depression.
6) I have green eyes
7) My hair colour currently is Blonde I'm naturally quite a dark brown.
8) My favourite date so far in life was to thorpe park and Colchester zoo
9) I live with my maternal nan and my step-grandfather.
10) I have 2 siblings both younger than me.
11) I had braces for 2 years and despised them, then ended up being allergic to my retainer.
12) My travel bucket list includes, Thailand, Shanghai, Dubai and California.
13) When I was 10 I broke my arm in 3 places.
14) I have 2 sets of medical scars.
15) I have never had a new years kiss.
16) I cannot sleep without socks on.
17) I currently work in a personnel department.
18) My favourite film is just my luck staring Lindsey Lohan.
19) I am addicted to books I can finish some in less than 5 hours.
20) This blog has helped me fined focus in life and always bring me back when I'm down.