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Monday, August 8

BirchBox August 2016

Hey Guys,

So this month Birchbox is Birch bag. Which I think is super cute the bag is adorable and big enough to become a make up bag or weekend travel bag if you travel light which unfortunately I do not.
This is one of the only posts that is going to be scheduled that would have been taken near enough the time everything else coming up is because of my trip to New York and I want to give you that little insight to me even when I'm not here.

So look how cute this it.
They did do it in four colours but you did not get to pick and choose.
I absolutely love this though because it is soft and amazing

So the first item was a bonus item.
I'm so glad it was a bonus item because I'd be annoyed at this being one item because you can pick them up at counters.

The first main item is a balance me face mask.
As writing this I currently have it on my face. 
It smells fantastic. It may be only a teeny tube but a little goes a long way.

The next item is an item from the box we got to choose.
It was an option between this colour which is a purple and a coffee colour.
I absolutely adore this because its a mix between purple and black. 

The next item is coming to new york to me.
It is a dry shampoo.
This is the Philip Kingsley one more day dry shampoo.
I cannot wait to give my hair that extra umph in the humid american air.

The next item is a body scrub from a brand I have had products from before.
This is from anitomicals.
I love scrubs.
I live for baby soft skin.
Only problem it slightly smells like bleach.

The last item I thought was a bit cheap to put in.
Not the product but the fact that its a hand santitizer.
I get so many people use the product.
It doesn't really have a scent.

Overall this box is handy with only one full size product that was the one I was against its not my favourite.
I adore Birchbox and want to see what the future will hold for them.