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Sunday, August 7

Fleur de Force Book Signing

Hey guys,

So as you know Fleur is one of the reasons I started blogging.
I had the pleasure of being in London when her book launch was on the first day of the book signing.
Myself and Jamie were having a day in London anyway because he had never explored central and I needed clothes for my quickly coming New York trip.
So we got up early and headed to London. Normally we'd go by train but for the first time in his life Jamie got on the train to London.
The fact that he was more excited to get pokemon he did not have than be in london still intrigues me. I play it as well but because I live in London and always explore it.

We did some shopping and then headed to Selfridges. I was good and did not buy a thing but the book in there I could of spent a small fortune in the Selfridges beauty hall.
After a quick starbucks we got in the queue to meet Fleur. Jamie did not really care he was just so happy to see me happy after I had a shit week with my anxiety the week before.
He ended up being designated camera man as normal but he loves it.

How stunning does Fleur look.
She signed my book to my full first name.
Even though I've only met her a few times she remembers me.
She is an absolute sweetheart.
I love how down to earth she is.