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Friday, August 12

The Anniversary Dinner Outfit

Hey guys,

As you can tell from my most previous post. I have been with Jamie 6 months now. Six whole months if you know me you know that is a massive deal for me because I could not get relationships to last more than a month before Jamie. I'm so happy in my relationship he still keeps me on my toes and well our days out actually rock.

So for our anniversary he treated me to a very special dinner. We went to a place called miller and carter which is fancy compared to where we normally eat, for example nandos. However as its a special occasion we decided to dress up.

So as per my amazing photographer aka Jamie took amazing pictures.
I love the final one it shows how happy he makes me.

Skirt: Daisy Street
Body: Boohoo
Blazer: Primark
Shoes: Glamorous
Bag: Burberry
Necklace: Gift
Lipstick: Kylie Jenner in Mary Jo

So I was so happy with these pictures and well the night.
I got to spend my last official day with Jamie so happy, I do not get to see him till I'm home from the us now.

So as voted on twitter I will be doing more ootd's hopefully one a week maybe one every two weeks.
Hope you enjoyed this post.