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Monday, September 19

Glossybox September 2016

Hey guys,

So here is another unboxing for a subscription box.
Yet again another good box.
This month Glossybox partnered with Red magazine.
So yet again another beautiful limited edition box for me to keep and reuse.

The first item I pulled out is a hydro face mask.
I am so into facemasks at the current moments.
This sheet mask is beautiful.
I don't have a particularly dry face but I want to keep my skin as subtle as possible.

Next is the better than sex mini mascara.
They gave us a sneak peak of what we were getting.
I have the fullsize.
One of the girls at work gets the glossybox.
She got the waterproof version so we are swapping.
To get this in a glossybox is a amazing.

The next item my nan has already stole this from me.
This is an antioxidant lipbalm from the organic pharmacy.
I will not be able to review out of this as she stole it from me.

The next item is from a brand I've heard about from a while.
This is a rodail eyeliner.
I wish it would photograph better.
This is so creamy.
It wears forever though.

The last item is a revlon gel envy top coat.
I cannot wait to use this.
I love gel nails as they are the most stunning shine.
On;y problem going into autumn and winter I do matte.

This was a Glossybox extra.
They sent me the wrong pallette last month so I got a new one this month.
This is a gorgeous pallette.

so did you get this box?


Friday, September 16

American Drugstore Haul

Hey guys,

So yes I am back with actually trying to post when I'm supposed to.
Expect so many more posts to come some may be just picture posts while others will be full blown reviews.
This is some of the make up I've picked up in America.

So as you can tell there is a lot of drugstore products.

The first product is one eleventh gorgeous raves about.
This is a covergirl lash blast mascara.
I haven't tried this as of yet because I have 3 on the go at the moment.

Next is a product many yotubers rave about.
This is the physicians formula bronzer.
This smells amazing.

Next is an oldie but a goodie.
This was raved about a few years ago on yotube.
It is a stunning mixed shade blush.
We can not get physicians formula in the uk.
I now wish I picked up more from them.

This is a phenomenal primer.
I have been using this since I got back.
This holds, does not crease and is amazing.
It was something like $3.

The next item is a beauty guru staple.
This is the walking on egg shells trio.
This is the perfect travel palette if you are only going away for the weekend.
I literally use this if I'm having I have a 10 minute to get ready day. 

The next is another beauty essential.
This is a dry shampoo.
I love the smell of this.
If I can get it in the UK I will be buying 50.

The next is a product, Glamlifeguru lives for.
This is perfect for baking.
I'm worried I'm going to love it too much.
It'll break my heart when I can not get it.

This is an eyeliner that I was just drawn to.
This packaging makes it feel highend.
It is $6.99.
This is super opaque but its also super glossy.

Next is an item glamlifeguru used on her omg Tuesdays.
This is stunning it gives you a glitter red lip perfect for the holidays.
This does not transfer.
I can not wait to use it.

Next is the milani 3 in 1 conceal and perfect foundation.
This foundation is phenomenal. 
The only problem it runs a tiny bit yellow.

Next item is a beautiful shadow.
This is Amber rush eyeshadow.
This is a beautiful pinky rose gold shadow.
If you want a look with this shadow leave a comment below.

The last two items are youtube made me do it items.
They are the cover girl 3 in 1 foundation.
The next is the milani lumonoso blush.
When I told Jamie the name of the blush he was like did J.K. Rowling name it.
Both these are beautiful items.

What do you think of this haul?
Wait for the next one!



Wednesday, September 14

Birchbox September 2016

Hey guys,

My favourite part of the month is probably getting my subscription boxes.
This month both boxes gave impressed me.
Shall we take a look and see whats inside my Birchbox???

So the first item was one we got to chose.
It was either the Models Co highlighter trio or a lip and cheek tint.
I have been sent so many lip and cheek tints over the years I'm bored of them.

Look at the pigment.
I cannot wait to put this all over my face.

The next item is an item I am so excited for.
I have very limp hair and this is a miniture batiste xxl volume boost.
I cannot wait to use it.

The next item is a fantastic product for birchbox.
This is the Laura Mercier Blemishless primer.
I've wanted to try a laura mercier primer for ages, I could never ever bite the bullet.

Next is a brand I only know because of subscription boxes.
I have tried the Nuxe Facial scrub and that is phenomenal.
This is the Nuxe shower oil. 
I will eventually use it on one of my travels.

The last item is another brand I have received before but in glossybox.
I have the night cream.
I cannot wait to use this one during the day.
This is such a thick cream but it sinks in amazingly.

So that's this months box.
I absolutely adore it as previous boxes have been a great let down.
Well done Birchbox for stepping up your game.


Wednesday, September 7

The Sephora Haul

Hey guys,

So finally no more scheduled posts that were written weeks beforehand.
I'm back from America and that was an amazing trip.
There will be so many posts about it coming up including a few hauls and so many ootd's coming up because I love the upcoming seasons because the clothes are my favourites and I love being so warm but fashionable.

This is about 3 trips one being in jc penny.

I got these Tea tree masks. The retail for $6.
I have not used these yet but everyone raves about their masks.

I bought a smaller bottle of my urban decay all nighter.
I live for this stuff literally.
Without this stuff I would have horrid make up days.

Next I got make up forever travel sized of their translucent powder.
I have heard good things about this.
I cannot wait to use this on a night out.

Next I got some Kat Von D ever lasting liquid lipsticks.
I got the shades Outlaw (red) lolita 2 (nude), melancholia (light pink) and susperia (lavender0
These are such a nice formula.

The next two are items I have needed for ages.
These are the  Anastasia Beverly hills eye brow products
I got the brow definer and the brow wiz I'm so happy with them they make my brows so good.

Next is a little palette.
It is the tartlette tease palette.
I wanted the in the bloom but they were out of stock.

The next is one thing that was on my wish list.
the becca opal kit.
They are so pretty and they make my cheeks pop.

Next is an amazing perfume.
I am so upset you can not get this over in the uk.
It smells so good definitely a sexy perfume. 

The next item is another raved about product.
This is the laura mercier translucent powder,
Another powder I may use for baking.

Next item was a free item because I got a sephora card.
I had this item before and lost it.
This is the nars lippy in rikugien.

Another youtube made me buy it item.
This is the nars radiant creamy concealer.
This is phenomenal when I finish this travel size I will repurchase.
I have it in the colour vanilla.

Yet again a blogger/youtuber made me doing it product.
This is such a vibrant and creamy concealer.
This is perfect for under the eyes.
Covers my dark circles.

The next item is a little travel set.
It has three of too faced bronzers.
I have chocolate soleil, milk chocolate soleil and sun bunny.
It even comes with worlds softest brush.
I love bronzers and these are my newest little joys.

This is a charcole nose strip they retail for $3 each.
They are a bargain and I need to use them soon.

This item is a jc penny exclusive item.
This is a 6 piece set that includes travel size Kat von d studded lipstick in underaged, mini becca opal highlighter, make up forever eyeliner and they're real mascara.
Full sized twiced baked eye shadow.
This is such a good set.
It was $29 which is such a steal.

This item is one I have wanted for years.
This is the kat von d tattoo liner.
This is the most perfect liner.

The last item I have um and ahhed about for months even years.
This is the beauty blender.
I love my real techniques miracle complexion sponge but this is just as good maybe even that little better.

So why does the UK not have a sephora yet???
I may of spent a fortune.
I now love even more of my collection now.