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Monday, October 3

Autumns Calling

Hey Guys,

So I ran a poll on my twitter and many of you said you wanted me to produce more Outfits of the day.
Therefore I will be posting more especially as we come into the Autumnal and winter months as these are my favourite times of year for clothing.
The other highest result was you want more travel posts I will be posting a few of them soon especially from my most recent trip from America.
This blog is going to be my main goal at the moment I want to give you the posts you want.

Pinafore:  Primark £10
Turtle neck: New Look £9.99
Tights: Primark £3
Boots: New Look £27.99

This Oufit was super comfortable.
Jamie hates the boots as they make too much noise.
I love this pink shade against black and cream.
The whole outfits was under £50!!!!

Until Next Time