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Wednesday, October 5

The Day in Philadelphia

Hey Guys,

So when I went to America I did four different states.
So I decided to show you how beautiful the state of Philadelphia is.
Not only is it extremely historical which I adore because I am such a history geek.
It was so lovely and well boiling I have never felt so hot in my life and I didn't exactly have clothes on like I would in England.

This is the burial ground of Benjamin Franklyn.

This is the United State mint.
The building where all the money comes from in the states.
When in the building you got a free bag of very shredded money.

Apparently this is the house of the lady who made the united states flag.
Her name was Betty White.

These are the iconic steps rocky runs up in his iconic training sequences.

This was outside the science musuem.

All these pictures are from the Frankyln sky deck.
It was stunning.
I kept laughing because my dad couldn't look over the edge.
I loved the views though.
Nothing will beat the shard thoigh.

So thats just parts of Philli.
What do you think??