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Friday, October 7

The Warner Brothers HQ

Hey Guys,
So earlier this week I had the pleasure to be invited to the first viewing of Gremlins 2 in the new Blueray edition. This is because Warner brothers and HMV have come up with the new premium range of some of their most loved sci-fi classics which includes, little shop of horrors, The Omega man, The shining and many more including more horrors and dramas.

These retail for £14.99 but let me tell you I was kindly gifted the Gremlins 2 edition of this series and the quality is amazing.

The other part of the night which was in the beginning was that we were able to play the Lego Dimensions game.

From someone who adores the Lego games because I am not the best at video games, it was a pleasure. This was also because they have added two new characters Gizmo and his evil counter part. I love the idea of maybe a more grown up version of Disney Infinity. Its just trying to persuade Jamie to let me buy it to play at his instead of all his time being spent on Fifa.

This is me totally geeking out over the dc statues.
I am a comic book superhero and villan nerd.
It was so lovely to be able to have this experience.
From somone who may of never watched gremlins 2 without it.
I am now an avid gremlins fan and I want a Gizmo.

Will you be getting one of the dvds?
Have you seen the film?