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Monday, January 30

Look Incredible Deluxe Box January 2016

Hey Guys,

So I have been seeing reviews of this box for a while and I was like well better see what the hype is about as I normally do.
Let me first start with price I get the look fantastic deluxe beauty box. This retails for £35 and you can find it here
I was so excited about this months box when I saw a sneak peek and when I got it the box did not disappoint.

The first item I pulled out I was genuinely surprised at.
This is the too faced soul mates bronzer.
It Retails for £28.
I got the Carrie and big variety but I know they do a Ross and Rachel version.
This is supposed to give a healthy glow if mixed together.
I cannot wait to use it.
The packaging is actually stunning.
I'm falling in love with too faced more and more.

The next item is from a brand I'm starting to fall in love with.
Bee goo, Honet and wild water mint 3 in 1 cleanser.
It retails for £10.
It has no water required and cleanses the skin.
I will have to try this and see if it can remove even my stubborn mascaras.
It has brightening red algae in it so I'm excited to see what it does to my skin.

The next item is the Eucerium even brighter pigment.
This retails for £14. 
This is supposed to reduce the pigmentation of spots.
It is supposed to make an excellent make up base.
I'm excited for this. I hate my spots.

This was another product I squealed at when I saw it.
This is the Lorac Pro powder cheek stain in Coral Crush.
This is such a pretty colour.
I am so excited to put this on my face.
This retails for £21.
It is so soft and pigmented.

The final item is the clinique lash power feathering mascara.
This retails for £18.99.
I love new mascaras.
This is supposed to give 12 smudge resistant hours.
I am excited to see if these make my lashes amazing.

Did you get this box?



Friday, January 27

The Great Escapes

Hey Guys,

For someone who struggles with anxiety and depression escaping is basically my forte.
I thought when I got asked to do about great escape films I would jump at the offer.
All the movies I mention you can find here
To me you do not just have to travel to escape you can escape into a good book or movie which is what I do often just to blur out the rest of the world.

These are some of the films Warner Brothers think are the best for escaping and showing how to escape.

The first film is the Hobbit The battle of five armies.
I feel so stupid I've read the hobbit book and seen the rest of the films but this one.
This is a good escape film though as one its hours long.
Two the hobbit is amazing. 
Three its a magical experience.

The next film is inception.
I have actually seen this and still to this day I can not tell you what it is about.
It is such a good film though.
Helps that Leonardo DiCaprio is in it easy on the eyes.
If you like a puzzling film this is the one for you.

The next one I kick myself for the fact I have not seen it.
I love Sandra Bullock.
This is also award winning and I still have not seen it.
I am excited to be on the edge of my seat and escape into this.

The next film is one I'll watch with my boyfriend.
This is pacific rim.
I have not heard much about it but I'm intrigued by it.

The next film I have seen several times.
This is Jupiter ascending. This is a weird film.
Its a good weird though.
I love the main actors in it.
Its set in space and saving a space princess and defeating the bad guy.
I love space films as they are a brilliant way to escape.

The final film to escape to is 300 rise of an empire.
I am guilty of not watching this again.
However I will be watching it soon, it is on my list.
I am a movie binger.
I have only seen the mickey take of this.
I cannot wait for the this is sparta line.

What movies do you escape too??
Whats your favourite movie???



Wednesday, January 25

My Birthday Wish List 2017

Hey Guys,

So my Birthday is in the middle of February and well I do a wish list as many people think that I am a really hard person to buy for.
It is not the biggest birthday it is only my 20th birthday.
This wish list is items I have been dreaming about and just have not had the courage to buy myself.
I love doing these lists as they inspire others and it gives me a list of items I may buy in the future.

1) Disney Haute-Couture Belle Figurine £49.95

Belle is my favourite Disney Princess.
Jamie has bought me a figuring similar.
I love this as its a twist on her original dress with the rose entwined.

2) The Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette £39

This is a coveted palette.
I have the chocolate bar palette.
I want this to use in my collection.
I am into neutrals with a pop of colour.
This palette is the best for that.

3) Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume £78 for 50ml
After smelling this in the airport I fell in love.
This is a very deep and sexy scent.
I love that it is a unisex scent.
This is such a going out scent that I'd wear on a special occasion.

4) Glamorous Petite Badge Faux Leather Biker Jacket £65

This is a stunning Jacket.
I love that its so quirky.
I want this because it would add a pop to my boring outfits.
I love the patch trend I want more in my wardrobe.

5) Hunter Welly Boots £70 on sale

This is something I've always wanted.
I love hunter welly boots.
I've always wanted a pair.
In England these are truly needed.
I do not know exactly what colour I want but just want a pair.

6) Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette £41
Yet another palette I know.
However I love palettes.
This is such a versatile palette.
I love the dark pink shades mixed with the oranges and neutrals.
This is such a pretty palette.
Another coveted palette.

So these are just a few items I would like to get for my birthday.
Anything on your wish list???



Monday, January 23

Too Faced Melted Lipstick Review

Hey guys,

For Christmas my best friend got me the mini toofaced lipstick kit called merry kissmas.
It is beautiful.
I love that I have new lip products to try out.
I wanted to do a mini review of them all.

So in this kit it comes with 3 melted lipsticks and one melted matte full size lipstick.
The minute I opened it I put on lady balls.
This was on Christmas day.
Its a tradition for my family to get ready and done up for Christmas.
It lasts all day and is a perfect red. 

The next shade is Chihuahua this is after the CEO Jerome's chihuahua.
This is my perfect nude, 
I have been wearing it so often.
It is a very wearable and comfortable.
Yet again very long lasting.

The next shade is my perfect pink.
This is the shade fig.
This is a cult favourite,
I adore it.
I cannot say anything but good things about it.

The final shade is the one that scares me the most.
I am very fair skin.
But after swatching I cannot wait to wear it.

This little kit is amazing.
If you can still get it get your hands on it.
They are very wearable shades.



Friday, January 20

Glossybox January 2017

Hey guys,

So yet again another unboxing.
I have had them back to back as they both came while I was away in France.

This months box was curated with deliciously Stella.  
She is a nutritionist. I have not heard anything about her but I may look into her.

The first item is a face mask.
I am starting to be a face mask hoarder.
Its becoming a problem.
This is a full size item.
It has joined my mask collection and will be used some time soon.
This retails for £3.99 which is decent for a single face mask.

The next item I was not happy about.
It is a repeat offender in the same colour.
This is the absolute New York velvet lippie in the shade terracotta.
I have the original one as we only got it a few months ago. 
So the new one will be passed along to a friend.
This is a full size that retails for £5.

The next item is one I was excited about.
It is the nip and fab kale fix moisturiser.
I am trying to look after my skin this year.
Starting with a lot more intake of water.
This is a deluxe size but I like that its not full size as I may not like it.

The next shadow I feel like is a bit of a cheat with a full size.
This is one of the shadows of the balms meet matt(e) Trimony.
The full size palette retails for £34 which is decent for a eye shadow palette.
This makes the single shadow £3.77.
This shadow may get some love but I believe I have something similar in my urban decay ultimate naked basics palette. 

The last product was a good one for me.
I am someone who uses a cleanser to take off her make up.
This is the Unani illuminate milk cleanser.
This retails for £14.
I love that its a full size as I go through cleansers like they are going out of stock.
This leaves my skin feeling amazing.
I will be sad when it all leaves.

So this months glossybox retails for about £30 which is decent.
I'm glad its a mixture of make up and skincare,
I wish they did not repeat a product.


Wednesday, January 18

BirchBox January 2017

Hey Guys,

So just after Christmas getting something that is like a present is amazing. I got these late because I was in Disneyland Paris but it made me so happy.

This months boxes theme was sprinkle of happiness.
They were on about that you can shake up your routine and make up items.

The first item is from a brand we have seen before but this is a hand lotion not an antibacterial gel.
This is the Merci Handy hand cream.
I have it in the cherry scent.
It is quite pleasant.
This retails for £4.90.

The next one is a deluxe sample of clarifying shampoo.
This is from the brand kelebo.
I have not used this yet but I need a good clarifying shampoo.
I definitely need it as I forget about product build up in my hair. 

The next item is an item I have heard from the American bloggers and youtubers.
This is a shave cream from a company called wish. 
It is yet again a deluxe sample. 
I will stick it in my travel bag and use it on my next adventure,

The next item is another full size item.
This is the lord and berry concealer.
This is in the colour beige.
I think this is a problem because not everyone is a fair skin tone.
This retails for £12.
I have not used this yet but I'm willing to try it and see how it compares to my favourite concealers.

The final item is a mini nails inc nail polish.
This colour would have been perfect for the Christmas season.
A full size of this retails for £15 .
I own some nails inc colours. 
I love the formula and quality.

So this box was good. 
It was not the best but it was good.
Did you get this months box?
Did you like it?


Monday, January 16

The more open 2017

Hey guys,

So this year I went quiet for the first two weeks just to give myself some space.
This is going to be a short post.
This is about the openess this year.
This year my posts are going to be very honest about both my personal life and my mental health.
I am also going to be more honest about the brands I have bought and things that get sent to me.
I want to show you the real me with all the flaws and all.
I'm going to keep my relationship to myself I will post pictures of events and things like that happened but keep the rest of it very private.
I can not wait to show you this 2017 and this year of everything.