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Friday, January 27

The Great Escapes

Hey Guys,

For someone who struggles with anxiety and depression escaping is basically my forte.
I thought when I got asked to do about great escape films I would jump at the offer.
All the movies I mention you can find here
To me you do not just have to travel to escape you can escape into a good book or movie which is what I do often just to blur out the rest of the world.

These are some of the films Warner Brothers think are the best for escaping and showing how to escape.

The first film is the Hobbit The battle of five armies.
I feel so stupid I've read the hobbit book and seen the rest of the films but this one.
This is a good escape film though as one its hours long.
Two the hobbit is amazing. 
Three its a magical experience.

The next film is inception.
I have actually seen this and still to this day I can not tell you what it is about.
It is such a good film though.
Helps that Leonardo DiCaprio is in it easy on the eyes.
If you like a puzzling film this is the one for you.

The next one I kick myself for the fact I have not seen it.
I love Sandra Bullock.
This is also award winning and I still have not seen it.
I am excited to be on the edge of my seat and escape into this.

The next film is one I'll watch with my boyfriend.
This is pacific rim.
I have not heard much about it but I'm intrigued by it.

The next film I have seen several times.
This is Jupiter ascending. This is a weird film.
Its a good weird though.
I love the main actors in it.
Its set in space and saving a space princess and defeating the bad guy.
I love space films as they are a brilliant way to escape.

The final film to escape to is 300 rise of an empire.
I am guilty of not watching this again.
However I will be watching it soon, it is on my list.
I am a movie binger.
I have only seen the mickey take of this.
I cannot wait for the this is sparta line.

What movies do you escape too??
Whats your favourite movie???