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Monday, February 13

Bloggers Are Us Event

Hey Guys,

On the 11th of February I had the pleasure of attending a bloggers event hosted by the lovely Ashlee.
After a trip from Harlow as I'm currently living at Jamie's for the week. I got to the looking glass cocktail bar.
The bar itself was so niche and really fit in well with the other surrounding places.
As you walked in the door to the event room was actually a giant mirror which I thought was awesome as that is how Alice got through to wonderland in the second book.
The room itself was a lovely size and I adored it, the furniture did not match but I think thats the quirky part of it as I believe it is supposed to be like wonderland and nothing is the same.

The first little booth that we went to was a hand made crystalised t-shirt place.
One how cute are these designs like they jazz up a boring plain white tee.
Can we just appreciate the multi coloured ones.
I fell in love with the one with the amethyst crystals.
This is such a cool concept.
It makes what could be a plain outfit into something so niche and pretty.
These are hand sewn by Kainat Crystals owned by Tehmina Ahmed.
They are all custom made and hand sewn which is phenomenal.
If you want to check them out, their instagram is @Kainatcrystals.

The next stall had my mouth absolutely watering.
This was Ayo's Cakes and bakes.
Let me just say the cakes are amazing, like phenomenally amazing.
I am such a desert and sweet treat type of person, the cakes were in chocolate, spice and vanilla.
They were running a competition where you had to flatlay a cupcake. 
I won that and well I got extra cakes (they are shown further down) 
You can check my flatlay on my instagram.

The next stall was a perfume stall.
Where you created your own perfume.
Keep your eyes out there be another post on the experience as there was a lot that went into it.

The next brand was a natural brand.
I love natural skin care.
This is the brand naticuma. 
It is made with natural ingredients.
It is made with items from the amazon.
I was gratefully gifted the hand cream.
It is so thick but so nice for your skin.
I am grateful to have it especially because the uk is still in a very cold winter season.

The final brand I looked at was called Dray and Blue.
This is a really cool tracksuit company.
I am not one that normally likes tracksuits but let me tell you I fell in love with these.
They are not your typical tracksuits they are cropped jackets.
The company was founded by a mum of two named Rochelle .
She did not want to go back to work after her maternity leave with her son Blue.
She decided to be a fashion designer.
In the four months that it has been up and running she has started to become a huge success.
Let me just tell you, you can tell the quality of the clothes.
I love that the tees come with a metallic logo and are vneck. 
This brand is one too look for especially when they only retail for £45.

The Goodie bag and prizes.
So I know this is what you have all been waiting for.
What came in the goodie bag.

First there was these Pillow cases from Chatty pillow.
I got the varities Johnny Slept and Taylor Sleep.
You can find them here for only £3.99 or £7 for the pair.
I will use these on my bed soon.
I think they are a really cool concept and they are super cute.

The next item came in a wrapped box.
I was so intrigued as to what it was.
Its a necklace from the brand symbol.
It is a heart necklace that says love on it.
This is such a me piece.
I adore delicate jewellery.
I cannot wait to wear it.

Something that I adored in the bag was these pop bands.
My camera did not like taking pictures of these.
I love them because They do not leave a kink in your hair.
They are amazing for working out and they are cute as.
I got the headbands in part of the giveaway.
And the hairbands came in the bag.
I love pop bands now I want more.

The next item is another item I won.
This is the happiness planner.
For years I have wanted one.
I got the black leather one with rose gold.
This is me in a journal.
This is going to make me so much more organised.
I started playing with it last night.
Jamie kept claiming it was his but its definitely mine.
This is going to help with my anxiety so much.

This was the hand cream from naticuma.
This smells amazing.
I love the simplicity of the packaging.

The next thing was what I won for the flat lay.
Let me tell you it took all my strength not to eat this on the way home.
This box came with spice cake, some biscuits, some danishes and chocolate bark.
I will be eating this all so soon.

The next item is from nutripot.
It is a pasta pot but its healthy.
I am excited to try this.
I'm trying to eat healthier anyway.
This looks phenomenal.

The next item is something else I won.
This is the blogging essentials made by a blogger called Gwennan Rees.
Her Twitter handle is @20smeltdown
I cannot wait to use this to plan everything.

The next little item is something I will be taking on our trip to colchester.
These are chocolate cookie caramel bars.
They are low calorie and look amazing.
This is by the brand light bites.
I am excited to eat these.

The next item is a weird one.
This is cucumber and mint flavoured water.
I know that may seem normal for most but I'm not the biggest fan of flavoured water.
This is by NUVA.
I am intrigued by this but also scared.
I cannot wait to try it though.

The next item I love.
This is the ZEO cloudy lemon drink.
I adore this.
It is so fresh and lovely.
I may of drank two at the event anyway.
They are so light.
They are low in calories too.

The next two items I have devoured both boxes.
This is from the brand mikado.
These are in the varieties original and king.
They both taste amazing.
The king has more chocolate on it but the original has more in the box.
If you have not tried it yet go try it.

The next item is another item I won from the happiness planner.
This is a pen set.
I adore this.
It is rose gold and gold.
This is such aesthetically appealing to me.
I love the colour selection and the pens are amazing. 

The next item is Chai Latte in skinny blend.
I'm not the biggest hot drink, drinker but I may try this. 
Jessica from the food and baker said is best with milk.
I love a drink that is creamier.

The next item a green superleaf powder.
This is by Aduna Moringa.
I'm excited to put this in my smoothies and into my soups.

The final item is my own perfume.
This is the one I made.
This is called squishy.
It is what Jamie calls me.
This is such a perfect scent for me.
Its sexy but floral.
I cannot wait to wear it.

This event was amazing. I loved meeting a load of new blogger pals and new people to stalk on Instagram and twitter for inspiration.
Thank you so much Ashlee for the amazing event.
Ashlee is amazing and go give her a follow on @ashleemoevents