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Wednesday, February 8

Whats in my Bag?

Hey Guys,

So yes this is normally a youtube thing but I decided I wanted to blog about it.
The bag I am using was a Christmas present this past Christmas.
I absolutely adore this bag and wish I could use it so much more than I actually do.
However this is the bag I use if I only have a few items to carry.

So this is everything in my bag.
I forgot to take a picture of my glasses because I had to put them on.
This is the Micheal Kors Sloan Bag. 

The first item is literally a life saver to me.
These are my epipens.
I'm highly allergic to a few things.
But I have to carry these everywhere I go.

The next item is my micheal kors purse.
I have no clue which one this is but it fits my cash and change in it.
It also fits the cards I do not use on a daily basis in it.

The next item is a mirror.
I have to have one all the time.
Just in case of touch ups.

The next two items are hair essentials.
I have midlength hair.
Sometimes its so annoying.
I have to pull it up sometimes and I have baby hair that is an awkward length.
Hence the bobby pins.

The final item is my card holder.
This is the jet set card holder.
I have this in black and pink.
It retails for £50.
I love this.
I take it everywhere.
Inside it holds my bank card, my work discount card, my provisonal license and my uni student discount card.
They are all the cards I need in life.

So thats what is in my small bag.
Whats in yours???