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Friday, March 24

Look Incredible March Deluxe Box

Hey guys,

This is the box I look forward too every month as I know the whole box is going to be full size and 95% time they are make up!!!
This is the deluxe box so it retails for £35 and the box's value is always at least double nearly triple that. I love this box as it gives me make up I may not be able to afford myself or even pick up. I love that you get some really high end brands in the box.
I have not yet seen a drugstore product thrown in.
All these products are not even discontinued and you can still buy them if you wanted too.

The first Item I already own.
This is the cargo round the world palette.
It retails for £30.
I passed this on to my best friend so that she could enjoy it as much as I do.

This is the Laura Geller split highlighter in French vanilla and golden rose.
This is such a beautiful highlighter.
I love that you can get it in two shades or swirl together to make a brilliant shade.
This retails for £25.

The next item I was so excited to see.
This is the urban decay ink for eyes.
I love a good eyeliner.
Especially a liquid liner.
This is so opaque.
I've worn it a few times now and its smudge proof and long lasting.
This retails for £15.50

This item I was so shocked to see.
This is from Marc Jacobs.
This is the enamoured lip laquer.
It smells so minty so I wonder if it'll plump your lips.
It is such a soft pink colour.
I cannot wait to try it.
This retails for £22.

The final item is a Nails inc nail polish.
This is in the shade South Molton Street.
This is such a spring colour.
This is the perfect pink.
This retails for £15.

So the retail value of this box is £107.50 which is triple the box value.
I am so excited for next months.
This expands my collection without having to splurge too much.
I love all these products this month.



Wednesday, March 22

Birchbox March 2017

Hey guys,

So overall I prefer my Birchbox this month over my Glossy box I have months where I prefer either or. This month it was my Birchbox even if I did not like the outer packaging.

I do not like the packaging because I like the drawers.
They did do this because they made it over 6 years ago.

The first item is from Bobbie brown.
These are a multimask kit.
The full size retails for £33 each.
How gorgeous are these.
I cannot wait to mask up and use these.

The next item I got to chose.
These are the They're real give me more lip, lipsticks.
I chose the shade Lusty Rose.
It is a stunning nude.
I cannot wait to use this.
It is so beautiful.
The full size retails for £16.50.

The next item is a travel item.
It is the batiste two in one invisible dry shampoo and conditioner.
I love batiste it is my go to dry shampoo.
The full size retails for £4.49.
I am so excited to have it!

The next item is a tanning product.
This is from a brand called Vita Liberata.
I've heard a lot about them.
This is their ten minute tan.
I cannot wait, I need a tan I'm so plae.
The fullsize retails for £29.95.

The final item is the balance me instant lift primer.
I love a good primer.
I am starting to hoarding them.
It can help blur pores I am all for that!
I can not wait to see how this looks under my favourite foundations.

So can we tell I liked this box better.
I love the mix!


Monday, March 20

Glossybox March 2017

Hey guys,

Well it is that time of month again where all the unboxings come out.
I have loads of boxes this month because there was loads of collections out and I wanted a load of them.

I am so glad this months box I spent my glossy box points and not my money.
Spoiler alert I only like one product this month.

This is the sleek palette.
One you can get these in pound land as they are discontinued and I can see why.
The pigmentation is poor.
They are not smooth at all.

The next item disappointed me because I seemed to always get hand cream.
This is from Crabtree and Evelyn.
It is in somerset meadow.
It retails for £6.

This is the one item I enjoyed.
This is the this works in transit camera close up.
This is a primer.
I adore primers especially photo ready primer.
The full size retails for £30

The next item is Figs and rogue, smart nutrient moisture day cream.
Glossy box always seems to have a skin cream in all the time.
I guess it is nice.
It is not the worst but I'm disappointed in it.
The full size retails for £28.

The final item is Oolution eye love.
Its an eye cream.
I like eye creams but this whole box is skincare.
This is full size, it retails for £30.

Overall I'm sick of glossybox being just a skincare box.
I want more make up.
I do not mind the skincare but there is loads each month.

Did you get this months box?


Friday, March 17

Latest In Beauty, Beauty and the beast Boxes.

Hey Guys,

So if you do not know this yet I am a huge Beauty and the Beast fan always have been since I was little. Belle will always be my favourite I remember being like 4 and having a Mrs Pots money box and saving all my spare pennys.

When Latest in Beauty announced they were doing his and hers boxes for the realise of the film, I was like I need both. So when they went live I bought myself and Jamie one and in today post I will show you both.

This is how it was originally packaged both boxes but I did not wait till I was home to open it.
How beautiful I love that the blue is the similar colour to beasts suit.

So when you first open it you have a wilkinson sword razor.
Jamie already uses this one.
He is glad he has a back up.
This is the Gilette fusion proglide with flexiball.

One item that was inside is two aftershave samples.
This is from a brand called Lalique.
This is called L’Hommage à l’Homme Voyageur.
I will have to update you how it smells beacuse I did not open it.
Myself and Jamie are particular with scents so I will have to see if he liked it.

The next item is Penhaligon face and beard scrub.
Jamie does not really use facial products I am trying to get him to look after his skin more.
I cannot wait to see if this helps his skin more.

This is The great british grooming co beard oil.
Jamie does not keep his facial hair long. 
I think hes passing it off to his brother.

The last item in the box is the Gatinaeu eye cream.
Hopefully Jamie appreciates this.
He hates his eyes.
He works a lot so hopefully it helps his eyes.

For £20 it is so worth the money.

The first item is a mirror from latest in beauty.
I love this mirror.
It is so compact and beautiful.
I will be keeping this in my handbag.

The next item is the Burts Bees lipstick.
This is so hydrating.
I got it in Blush Basin.
It is so pretty and will be so nice in the summer.

The next item is the orbe dry shampoo.
I have heard so much about this.
It is going straight in my travel bag.

The next item is a Caudalie moisturising sorbet.
I love moisturising.
It is so beautiful on the skin.

The next item is a L'occtane hand cream.
This is in a rose scent.
I love that they included this.
I always need a hand cream.

Like in the male box we got an item from Gatineau.
This is a radiance enhancing body lotion.
I'm excited to use this in the summer to get that glow.

The final item is a nail polish.
This is such a perfect red like the rose in beauty in the beast.
This is from Soigne.
How stunning is this colour.
I cannot wait t put it on my fingers.

You can find both boxes here for £20 each.

Did you get one of these boxes???
How pretty are they???