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Wednesday, March 1

Being a late 90's Baby

Hey Guys,

I was doing some thinking the other day and I was like later 90's babies do not get as much recognition as the early babies do. Yes, we had less time in the 90's but it seems to be that not only are our ideas and perceptions of the world different so is what we remember.
I was born in early 1997. Meaning I had a good 3 years in the 90's.

Being a 90's baby did not seem to become a trend till like 2015. It's weird I will always be born in the 90's but I never thought it'd be an item where people would be like only 90's kids remember this, when some of those items I am like this was a 00's thing and my brother who was born late 1999 remembers this and he is barely a 90's baby.

As a late 90's baby I do not remember 9/11 I remember being told about it in later life but do not remember it happening, I think I may have been at nursery or at home when it happened seeing as I was only 5 when it happened. However something I remember so vividly and probably saw differently to other 90's babies is the 7/7 bombings. I remember being taken out of school by my mum and being told what had happened, I was petrified like I did not know what was going to happen to the city or to my family. I remember my mum telling me we had to find my nanny, and my determination and will made me find her when tower bridge had been closed off and she had to walk across. I had never seen so much panic in the city before, I'd always seen tourists and London being busy but being then 8 its terrifying seeing somewhere you call home in moral panic.

Another thing I see with late 90's babies is that we are definitely more open to change and are trying to make a difference. The fact that many more under 24's are voting than ever before in many elections over the world shows that us late and mid 90's baby want a change in the world that many of our older counter parts may not. We are definitely more open to having trans, gay and disabled people to all have the same equality and rights to those who have been discriminated against before.

The other thing about 90s babies is that we are not used to just having technology in our hands, for example we used to have ITC suites literally rooms at school with very large computers and bulky screens, yes schools still have them but back then it was some of the only time we would be on the computer. My little sister has both an ipad and an ipod now to keep her occupied and she can use computers as well as I can. I lived in a world where mobile phones first started to what is now called a brick. I remember not having a phone till I was 11 and that was only because I had moved away from home for school and it was like 30 minutes away from my home. I remember when the blackberry phase came in and getting one at like 14 was amazing. As a late 90's baby technology and the change came so fast on us.

As a late 90's birthday the trends changed so drastically like from blue glittery eyeliner, to drastic thick streaks in your hair. To girls being more open about their body image but there is still that stigma to be pretty enough and be good enough to be on a team and be part of a community that is only for exclusive elites.

Being a late 90's baby means that some people barely regard you as 90's babies and well most of us are not babies anymore. My brother is from 1999 and he is nearly 18 and seen as an adult. However he will never be seen as a 90's kid because he was born so late and it is thee same with me even though where I was born in 1997.

Being a late 90's baby means I do not remember the death of Kurt Cobain but know about him from my dad who was a huge Nirvana fan. I also do not remember a lot of the shows that are called 90's but then remember some that came out the year I was born or before that like the teletubbies and rosie and jim.

However being a late 90's kid is what I am and I am happy to be one. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me.