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Friday, March 3

February Favourites

Hey Guys,

So I am going to try doing a favourites at least once a month, however I will miss months if there is too much content wise for me.
I want to include some experiences and days which made me happy along with like material favourites like my make up and skincare favourites.
Hopefully in the future I will have fashion favourites when I do more ootd's.

1) Garnier 2 in 1 express eye make up remover.
I adore this product.
I normally take my make up off with a cleanser.
Some days I'm lazy and I cannot be bothered with everything.
This is inexpensive.
Gets rid of all my eye make up.
Good to get rid of eyelash glue.

2) Models co more brows.
I have been using this for months.
This is such a good brow gel.
My brows never move.
It gives some pigmentation to the brows but not too much that it ruins your brows.
You cannot feel it on your eyebrows so no crispy brows.

3) Collection lasting perfection concealer in shade 1.
This is an iconic product.
It is so good covers everything.
It is more full coverage.
I can not live without it.
I was using something else for ages but it did not match up to this.
If you need a good drugstore concealer this is for you.

4) Revlon Colour stay foundation in shade 001 ivory.
I have been using this so much this month.
I have so many foundations but this has been my go too.
It is like the perfect shade for me.
I love it, it makes my skin look flawless.

5) Ysl Toche eclait in shade 1
I adore this it brightens my under eyes.
I cannot use it to hide my under eye circle but it makes my eyes look so bright.
I adore this limited edition packaging too,
This is so lovely.

6) Lorac Pro blush in coral crush.
This came in my January look incredible box.
This blush is so pigmented.
It is so beautiful on the cheeks.
It would look great on anyone.
If you love a coral blush go get you some.

7) Urban decay highlighter in  aura.
Never did I think I would love a pink toned highlighter as much.
This highlighter is GORGEOUS.
It is incredibly long wearing.
It makes your cheeks look popping.
I have been wearing this so often and getting so many compliments.
It is one I reach for all the time now.

8) Smashbox Covershot palette in matte.
I did a whole blog post on these and if you read that you'll know my opinion on them.
This one however is my favourite it is so pigmented and so compact.
I love my urband decay naked basics but this is more travel friendly.
It has the perfect amount of shades.
It is so worth the £24.

9) Laura Mercier translucent powder,
This is another iconic powder.
This I use to bake.
It gives me flawless skin.
It literally is worth its price tag.
I only have the baby size but I will purchase the full size.
If you like to bake this will be your best friend.

10) Jefree Star Velour Lipstick in Doll parts.
I never thought I would be a nude lipstick wearer.
I used to only wear red literally the only colour I would wear.
However the older I've got the more I needed every day colours.
Doll Parts is one of those shades.
I wore it throughout February.
I wore it to events and every time I was on a date it just lasts.
I can eat pizza and its still there that says something.
It is the perfect nude for me and I adore it.

11) Lottie Lip Paints in Babes,
This item I got late in the month and I have already worn it 10 times.
This came in a set with a nail polish.
I am still yet to try the polish but this lip paint is amazing.
It is nondrying on me.
Such a gorgeous colour.
It  is so compact too.
It is my alternative to my doll parts.

There has been a few days I've loved this month too.

First thing is the Bloggers R us event.
I adored this.
I loved meeting so many new blogger pals.
The beautiful Ashlee is amazing.
I loved everyone I met.
Events like that give me more confidence in my blogging when I meet others in the same field.

This is one of the only pictures from my birthday like the actual day.
I enjoyed it so much.
I got spoilt rotten.
Jamie made my day.
It was my first official birthday with him.
Cannot wait for what next year entitles.

My birthday dinner.
Few days after my birthday I went out with friends.
I felt so pretty this day.
It is very rare to me to feel so confident with myself but I did.
I loved having time with everyone.
I was able to be me for once which I try and hide sometimes.

Last but not least valentines day.
After being spoilt rotten with a spa day.
Me and Jamie had a night in watching criminal minds.
That may seem weird to most but it is perfect for me.
Even though we were together last valentines day this was our first proper one.

That was my favourites this month.
If you made it this far hiya!!!
I hope you enjoyed this post.