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Friday, March 17

Latest In Beauty, Beauty and the beast Boxes.

Hey Guys,

So if you do not know this yet I am a huge Beauty and the Beast fan always have been since I was little. Belle will always be my favourite I remember being like 4 and having a Mrs Pots money box and saving all my spare pennys.

When Latest in Beauty announced they were doing his and hers boxes for the realise of the film, I was like I need both. So when they went live I bought myself and Jamie one and in today post I will show you both.

This is how it was originally packaged both boxes but I did not wait till I was home to open it.
How beautiful I love that the blue is the similar colour to beasts suit.

So when you first open it you have a wilkinson sword razor.
Jamie already uses this one.
He is glad he has a back up.
This is the Gilette fusion proglide with flexiball.

One item that was inside is two aftershave samples.
This is from a brand called Lalique.
This is called L’Hommage à l’Homme Voyageur.
I will have to update you how it smells beacuse I did not open it.
Myself and Jamie are particular with scents so I will have to see if he liked it.

The next item is Penhaligon face and beard scrub.
Jamie does not really use facial products I am trying to get him to look after his skin more.
I cannot wait to see if this helps his skin more.

This is The great british grooming co beard oil.
Jamie does not keep his facial hair long. 
I think hes passing it off to his brother.

The last item in the box is the Gatinaeu eye cream.
Hopefully Jamie appreciates this.
He hates his eyes.
He works a lot so hopefully it helps his eyes.

For £20 it is so worth the money.

The first item is a mirror from latest in beauty.
I love this mirror.
It is so compact and beautiful.
I will be keeping this in my handbag.

The next item is the Burts Bees lipstick.
This is so hydrating.
I got it in Blush Basin.
It is so pretty and will be so nice in the summer.

The next item is the orbe dry shampoo.
I have heard so much about this.
It is going straight in my travel bag.

The next item is a Caudalie moisturising sorbet.
I love moisturising.
It is so beautiful on the skin.

The next item is a L'occtane hand cream.
This is in a rose scent.
I love that they included this.
I always need a hand cream.

Like in the male box we got an item from Gatineau.
This is a radiance enhancing body lotion.
I'm excited to use this in the summer to get that glow.

The final item is a nail polish.
This is such a perfect red like the rose in beauty in the beast.
This is from Soigne.
How stunning is this colour.
I cannot wait t put it on my fingers.

You can find both boxes here for £20 each.

Did you get one of these boxes???
How pretty are they???