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Monday, March 13

My Top 5 Liquid Lipsticks

Hey Guy,

So I have decided to have a series on my blog with random top 5's popping up every now and again.
It will be a mix of high end and drugstore.
However if you told me 5 years ago that my top 5 liquid lipsticks most of them are nude and not red I would say you were mental. However some of these are not just the colour, it is also the formula as some of them I like more than one colour from the brand but these are my go to colours and what are normally in my make up brand.

 As the idiot I am I forgot to let them dry.
From L-R Babes, Lady Balls, Clueless, Doll Parts and Fig.

Fig: This is one of the too faced melted lipsticks.
I got this for Christmas and if its not in my make up bag I panic.
It is a complete go too.
It is not drying but its long wearing.
I wore this tons in Disney.
If you want a beautiful pinky nude but is not drying this is the one.

Doll Parts: This is such a stunning nude. Theres two in this post if I;m wearing a nude its either this or the other one in this post.
It is so long wearing.
The formula is so smooth.
I need more from Jefree Star.
I love the packaging too.
This is always in my make up bag as an option always.

Clueless: This is my other go to nude.
You can tell by the packaging how loved this is.
This is my favourite nude.
There is no label on this any more.
This is so pigmented.
 The fact that its $6 is incredible.
I love the ultramatte formula too.
This is not the only shade I love, its just my favourite.

Lady Balls: Another Christmas present.
This is what I used to be known for the red lips.
I miss the red lipstick constantly.
This is a super rich and pigmented lipstick.
I love the name.
It feels amazing on my lips.
I can eat and drink through this.
I wore it all christmas day.
This is what I grab first out of my reds.
It is a blue tone red.

Babes: This is a collaboration product.
I loved One Direction when I was younger.
However this is from one of their sisters.
I love how compact this is.
It is super travel friendly.
It is such a pretty colour too.
It is more moousey when you first apply it.
It is so perfect on the lips.
Not that long wearing but beautiful.

Whats one of your top 5's???