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Wednesday, March 15

This is My story Age 0-5

Hey Guys,

So this is kinda a draw my life style post but actually more in depth so I am going to do every 5 years till 20 as that is how old I am and you'll see a lot of changes in me. I do not have many older photos of me I think I have maybe 2 in total so there is not a lot due to a story I'll get on to in the final installment of these posts. However you'll learn a lot about how I became the young woman I am today in these posts and what I may not include normally on social media.

I was born on Sunday the 16th February 1997 at around 7:54pm. I was born to Caroline and David. I was named Alexandra-Louise Hilda Osman. I do not know how much I weighed as I have none of my baby books or anything like that any more I just know I weighed the least out of me and my two siblings.

I was an only child at this point. First baby on my maternal grandparents side and fifth on my paternal grandparents side. I was called Alexandra for the majority of my first year of life till they decided Alex suited me better and I have kept to that ever since.

In the July of 1997 my maternal grandfather also named David passed away by getting hit by a bus, I was the only grandchild he ever met. He used to call me his little monster, I have only one picture of him holding me and I am ever so tiny at the time. There are very few pictures of me at this point now but this is my favourite. Even though I never got to meet him there is still photographic evidence he met me. I hope to this day I make him proud.

I was a very bright child as my nan tells me and started to walk on Christmas day. at just over 10 months. I was also a curious baby and would love to explore when I could. The most fond story I get told of me being an infant is when my dad and I had fallen asleep on the sofa and I had then woken up, wriggled out of his arms without waking him up and went upstairs to my baby chest, in this I had crumpled up my dads cigarettes and covered myself in those sudocream and baby wipes. My dad found me in an absolute mess.

So these are pictures of me and dad and then me and my nan.
This is while she had brown hair.
I'm about 1 in all these pictures.

When I was around 20 months old on October 10th my parents got married. I was a baby brides maid and all the wedding photos were taking in my nans beautiful back garden. The best thing about this wedding is that there is video proof of it, it was all recorded and most of the time you can only hear me talking in it. I am asking for my Uncle Lee Lee and my cousin Chloe, through most of the video. There is even a point where I am on my parents lap and just running around in the background. I am still an only child at this point so I am spoilt and a very loud child.

By the time I nearly 3 my baby brother Reece David Osman is born. He was born on a very cold day on the 15th November. I was not really at his birth I went to get a happy meal instead, I get told Reece turned blue when he was born. My brother was the heaviest baby out of us all weighing nearly 9lbs. I adored my baby brother it was weird having someone else but my little cousin Keeley and Brandon had been born the year before so I was kinda used to it all.

When I was four I went to nursery and its there where I had my first kiss like peck on the lips with someone I had a crush on till I was 11 years old. His name was Billy. We are no longer in contact but it was weird thinking back to who I fancied in primary and what they do now and how I now know I'm glad I did not.

Nursery I got told off so much I wanted to paint not only the paper but the walls too. I also ended up with way too many cut lips and hand print pictures only using one hand because I had impetigo which as highly contagious so I was always covered in bandages on my hand.

I contracted chicken pox at the age of 5 just before I was to start primary school. I went to a little church of England Primary school. I loved primary and I will insert a photo of me at about 3/4. Just appreciate them bangs as they do make a reoccurring appearance in many of these posts. I hated them I'm saying it now when I look back at it I'm like why the hell why did my mum ever think it was okay.

I'm nearly 3 in this photo.
This was taken in July 1999.
Before my brother was born.
I'm still an only child at this point.