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Friday, June 30

Nyx Glitters and Pigment Reviews

Hey Guys,
I thought I would do a review on the NYX glitters and pigments seeing as I own a few of them now I adore these colours.

I only own two pigments but they are amazing.

I own stunnah (the bronze colour) and magnetic (the silver).
These are beautiful I just put a little Mac fix + on it and they are the bomb.
These colours are heavily beautiful.
I need more pigments as these are the best formular I've ever tried.

The Glitters:
The Reds/Pinks:

From L-R Copper, Rose and Red.
I love rose and copper the best as red is a new addition to my glitter family.
How stunning are these???
They work amazing with the nyx primer.
Rose is a beautiful colour if you want a subtle glitter but still a glitter.

The Silvers/Golds:

L-R: Ice and silver 

Ice is the best inner highlight glitter I have ever used!
This is such a beautiful colour that has so many shifts in it.
Silver is such a pretty all around shade literally used for so many different occasions.

L-R: Gold, Gunmetal and bronze.
I love gold during the festive season it is such a pop when you have Christmas.
Gunmetal I use more when I am doing a silver smokey eye.
Bronze is the go to shade when I want glitter.
How beautiful are these.

So thats the 10 I own.
How stunning are these?!?!
I cannot wait to own them all at £5.50 a piece they are so inexpensive.
You get so much for your money you only need a little for a full look.
The best thing about these you can use them anywhere on your face or body.
I cannot wait to do glitter lips with them!

Do you own any colours I don't??



Tuesday, June 27

My Mac Lipstick collection

Hey guys,

So this post has been a long time coming.
This is my teeny tiny Mac lipstick collection.
I only have 8 lipsticks but maybe soon it'll grow.
I love Mac lipsticks their smell is amazing.

Colours L-R
Dance off Pants off (trolls collection)
Ruby woo 
All Fired up (amplified matte)
Ariana Grande viva glam lipstick 2
Only you Creme sheen (Ellie Goulding collab)
Ariana grande viva glam 
Velvet teddy
Fleur de force creme sheen.

Those are my 8.
I use all in different ways.
My two viva glams are so unique to my collection.
Velvet teddy reminds me of my holiday to America.
I love all 8.


Sunday, June 25

Look Incredible Deluxe Box June 2017

Hey guys,
Yet again another subscription box but this is one of my favourites.
Look incredible's deluxe box is £35 a month and you always get full sized products and so many times you get brands that you love.
This month is no different to the rest its over £100 in value and it was packed with brands that I knew and some that I love so much.

So the first item the card had no info about. 
I was confused but it retails for around £12.
This is the spa retreats moisture rich bath cream.
This is 500ml of bath cream!!!!
I love how much product you get!

The next item I was so shocked to see in this box.
This is the full sized nars multiple in Exumas.
This is a perfect summer shade!
Cream products are the best for the summer.
This retails for £25.
You can still get this here.

The next item is another shocking one!
This is the too faced better than sex mascara.
This is a £19 mascara!!!
This is my favourite mascara of all time!
I'm adding this to my back up pile!

The next item I'm intrigued about.
This is the Decléor night balm.
This is so cool its a balm that you massage into your skin, and when you wake up your skin is brightened and smooth.
This is a full size at 15ml.
This retails for £28.

The final item I squealed at.
This is a Chanel rouge allure lipstick in noir.
This is such a beautiful shade.
I was so surprised to see such a luxury brand in this box.
This retails for £28!
I've always wanted one but never took the plunge to buy one!
This is taking pride and place in my make up stash.

Do you get this box?
Or do you get the normal box??

What do you think??



Friday, June 23

The Liebster Award

Hey Guys,

I've seen this tag going around for a while. However the lovely Vanessa tagged me in this, thank you for tagging me very much! I've been wanting to do this forever.

The Rules

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you

2. Answer the questions your nominator asked in their post

3. Nominate between 5-11 bloggers for the award

4. Ask your nominees between 5-11 questions

5. Let your nominees know they’ve been nominated!

Her questions for me are.

1) Whats your favourite TV show right now????
Mine is Lucifer. I just finished both series, I also love PLL and Riverdale!!

2) Favourite thing about Blogging?
Definitely the community and that it helps my anxiety so much.

3) Go to place for buying clothes?
Either ASOS or New look always.

4) Favourite memory??
I have two, one is DisneyLand with Jamie this year because it was just magical. The second one is the day I finished collage and got into university, after everything I have been through this is what I needed to prove to myself I am good enough!!

5) Blogging Goals??
My blogging goals is to be recognised because of who I am and reach 500 subs on my youtube channels.

My nominations!!!
1) Ashlee Moyo http://ashleemoyo.com
2) Landrine http://noircoeurs.blogspot.co.uk
3) Paris https://www.parisxreign.co.uk
4) Sanoobar https://sanoobar.com
5) Josephine http://josephinebeth.blogspot.co.uk

Girls these are my questions to you!
1) Favourite Blogger?
2) Favourite Mascara?
3) Favourite Day out?
4) Favourite Hair product?
5) Least favourite food??
6) Favourite place to eat?
7) Least favourite beauty product?

Have fun!!


Wednesday, June 21

The bloggers ball ootd

Hey guys,
So when I went to the bloggers ball I had this gorgeous dress on that the last time I wore it I was 17!!!
Literally I wore it for my 17th Birthday meal. I have only ever worn it once. This is a beautiful dress from Jack Wills. I love Jack Wills dresses, they are amazing quality.

I want to thank the gorgeous Saphron and Landrine for these amazing pictures!!!
They are phenomenal bloggers and photographers.

Dress: Jack Wills £76
Heels: George £20
Bag: Micheal Kors (present)
Watch Micheal Kors (present)
Bracelet: Custom made for my 18th
Choker: Quiz £9.99


Monday, June 19

The Bloggers Ball

Hey guys,  

So on the 10th of June the beautiful Scarlett London held a bloggers ball. I love Scarlett's events. This is no exception on how a blogger can bring even more bloggers together.
There was many brands there including my favourites Candy Kittens.
It was held at the Trading House by bank.
The event space reminded me of something out of Harry Potter from the lighting to the fact there was cases on top of the bar.
I have got a corresponding vlog for the event.
I got to see so many of my blogging pals and I got many a complement on my glittery eyes.
I cannot wait to see everyone again.
I want to thank Scarlett and all the sponsors for the amazing goodie bag.
Also sandisk gave us an amazing phone memory stick so that you can keep all your extras on the memory stick so you never run out of phone memory.


Saturday, June 17

GlossyBox June 2017

Hey guys!!

So if you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I love a good subscription box. 
Subscription services are my weakness always have been.
This month glossy box is a hit for me for once normally they have hits and misses this month I think I like every product. 

So the first product is the Manna Kadar liquid highlight.
I love a good glow especially in summer when you can get away with more of it.
I think I am gonna mix this in with some of my foundations to give me that glow from within.
This is a full size product well done glossy box.

The next item is the sleek power plump lip crayon in the shade coral.
This is the perfect summer shade.
This is a glossier pencil, however its more hydrating in the hotter weather.
This is a beautiful shade.

The next item I was excited about.
I have a problem with black heads and I saw this mask and I was like yes.
This is the black diamond charcoal face mask.
Not only does this help refine your pores.
It also is a peel off which to me is satisfying.

The next little item is a lypsyl lip balm.
This is great for the summer as it has sun protection in it.
A lot of people forget to put sunscreen on their lips, even though our lips are the most sensitive part of our face. 
I love this as its tiny and will just go in my bag.

The next item is the batiste xxl volume spray.
I love batiste their dry shampoo is one of my favourite things ever.
This is supposed to give your hair amazing volume!
I cannot wait to try this on my thin, flat hair.

The final item I was very surprised to see in a glossy box.
This is the skin 111 eye serum.
This stuff is expensive. 
This teeny sample alone is worth over £30.
I have been using this and it seems to be making a difference so far.

This months glossy box had so many hits for me.
Did you get the same box???
If not what was different for you??