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Saturday, June 10

The Penthouse Party!!!

Hey guys,

I know its been a while but I got life and then some thrown at me and I needed a break. However I am back with an amazing post about an amazing day.

I was kindly enough invited to the bloggers hub penthouse party which they collaborated with Spectrum Collections for. Not only did I stay all day, myself and my new blogger besties helped set up the day.

It was an amazing set up in a penthouse on Clerkenwell road. Let me just tell you I was in awe of it. I was like wow. I had first spoken to Shanice the owner of the Bloggers Hub when I started blogging properly again in about January, since then I have been in a group chat with many other bloggers.
When she asked who was available I jumped at the opportunity to help set up.

On the beautiful Saturday morning I got up, got in a nightmare uber ride and met the lovely Vanessa, Rosalia and Saphron at the event space. Not only did it take forever to get in the building which was a right laugh. It also meant we got to have a bit of personal time with the spectrum girls who started the brand from their garage in Barry, Wales. They are one stunning women and two amazing people they are so full of life and I love talking to brand owners that are fully behind their own brand and know every little detail about it.

Can we appreciate how pretty these brushes are. 
Like I need more than I already own!!!
I need a full set these are!!!
You can find the spectrum brushes and accessories here.

I set this little stand up and absoloutely adored the lashes.

Snacks that I can eat.
I will be doing a post about everything going on with me soon!
But I was so grateful to have options.

This was the mermaid cave who did fabulous glitter hair styles and make up!!! 
I adored mine!!!! 
I have never had so much glitter in my hair but I enjoyed every bit of it.

Look at all that glitter!!! and it matched my top!!!
I wanted to always have glitter in my hair unfortunately work was not going to permit that.
It was so nice to have cute messy hair too.

We soon headed outside to the balcony to take awesome photos for a fashion shoot.
Outfit post to come!!
I loved chilling with Nessa and Nikki in these pictures.
Saphron is a phenomenal photographer!
I would love to do a whole day of pictures with the woman.

This is the gorgeous owners of spectrum Sophie and Hannah.
Showing off their new shell make up brush sets.
I was having serious moment of awn at them both.
They are so beautiful and their outfits were amazing.

Have you seen a better goodie bag?!?!?

and these are my new blogger besties.
I adore these women.
They are stunning.
I love them both.

So that was the event.
There is a vlog already up.
Go check out my youtube channel and see it.