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Monday, July 24

Glossy Box July 2017

Hey guys,

So as most subscription boxes are doing this months box was all based on the summer theme.
Glossybox is no different however their box is beautiful.
This month glossy box blew it out of the park.
For £10 a month plus postage and packaging, I adored this months little present to myself.

The first product in the box I've known about for a little while.
When I went to the spectrum event the girls who own spectrum let me into the secret.
It is no surprise I love them or this brush.
This is the spectrum collections a10 small fan brush.
This is perfect for putting on highlight and its soft as anything.
This retails for £4.99.

The next product is papanga hair bobbles.
I love these as they do not leave kinks in your hair.
I love these for the gym.
These retail for £4.99.

The next item is the monuspa aftersun.
I love aftersun for the summer, I always seem to get sunburn.
Especially with my holiday coming up this will be needed.

The next item is the cutest.
This is a cute balm lip balm in berry burst.
It is shaped like a macaroon.
It gives the prettiest little tint to your lips, it can also be used as a cheek balm.
This is fullsized and retails for £5.99.

The Final item is from a brand we get a lot in Glossybox.
This is the Bella Pierre Cosmetics banana powder.
I do not know how this will work on my fair skin but I'll give it a try.
I am loving loose powders at the moment.
This retails for £25 and its full-sized.
Literally this one item pays for the whole box.



Friday, July 21

Look Incredible July Box 2017

Hey Guys,
So as you know look incredible is may favourite subscription box I get. This month is no different. If you do not know what look incredible is its a subscription service that does a deluxe box and their regular box. Their deluxe box is £35 a month and their normal box is £25. They are box going to be over at least £50. You get 4-5 items per month.
This month I squealed at two of the products, I love this beauty box as it expands my make up collection with products I would not buy myself because of the price.

The first item is from a brand I have heard of but never tried.
I am not the biggest fake tan person but this is such a cool concept.
This is the utan & Tone coconut tanning water.
This is supposed to spray on clear on your face and develop in 4-6 hours.
Its suitable to use under make up as a primer or on clean dry skin before bed.
This is supposed to give you a sun kissed glow.
I go away in September so I might use this when I come back just incase my face doesn't match my body.
This retails for £17.99.

The next item is a prep gel from bareminerals.
I have never tried anything from the brand but heard a lot about it.
This is a matte prep gel which is supposed to help with blemishes.
It has ingredients like tea tree oil and peptide complex to help the skin.
I cannot wait to try this seeing as I have oily acne prone skin.
This is very smooth formula.
This retails for £22.

The next  item I scream at.
This is a Dior matte lipstick.
I have never owned anything from Dior and always wanted too.
This is a beautiful summer shade.
This colour is 504 Magique.
It is this perfect coral/oramge.
The packaging is so heavy and luxurious.
This retails for £29.50
Cannot wait to wear this.

Last but definitely not least is the too faced funfetti love fish blush.
I have wanted one of these for ages.
They look like little polly pockets.
This shade would suit so many.
It is a pink blush with specs of peach and orange in it.
This is so perfect for travelling as its so light.
This retails for £30.

These are the swatches from the two products.
How stunning.

In total this box retails for £99.49.
Just shy of £100.
It is definitely worth the £35 price point for what you get.

Have you got this box yet??



Monday, July 17

Barry M Colour Changing Lipsticks

Hey Guys,

So colour changing lipsticks are becoming more and more of a thing but the two brands that do it the most is Lipstick Queen and Barry M. I am going to talk about Barry M today seeing as they are the more affordable option and well I adore the brand.
Barry M have had colour changing lipsticks for a few year. Its called colour changing because the actual bullet of the lipstick is a different colour to what it will come out on your lips. 
The way it changes is something to do with your PH levels and that each individual person will have a specific shade for them from this lipstick.

Barry M's Newest edition of these lipsticks is Unicorn. 
This is the yellow one that turns into your perfect shade of coral/pink.
You have genie which is the green lipstick that turns Ito your perfect pink.
Finally you have Neptune which is a blue that turns into your perfect shade of dark pink/purple.
These each retail for £4.99

They are definitely a lipstick formula, they are ultra smooth and pigmented.
However, it becomes more like a stain and gives you that just ate a strawberry lip look.
I have been wearing these tons are work and being getting so many complements.
I also love the fact that Barry M is cruelty free and has been since 1982.
It is also a British owned brand which is phenomenal.

These lipsticks give you the pay off you need.
The website claims they last 8 hours. Once I've eaten its less there but still long lasting.
I adore the concept of this and how they do change on different people.
I tried these out on Jamie, (don't tell him I told you) and his shading was completely different to how it works on me.

Have you tried these???



Wednesday, July 12

My Current Favourite Make Up

Hey Guys,

So I do not really do monthly favourites because I switch up way too much, to always per month have more than two products in one monthly favourite and not repeat every month.
These favourites are favourites that I have not stopped using even when I switch it up, I have been going back to these items non-stop for the past few months. They are literally my go too's no matter what. I have other favourites but they've been talked about many times before or are coming up in brand new posts that will be round very very shortly on the blog.

1) Soap and glory one heck of a blot £12
I love this powder.
It is super translucent.
It literally keeps the oil away.
It makes my pores disappear too.
I love this powder it is so inexpensive and the perfect powder.
I have grown to love soap and glory make up and I cannot wait to try more of the line.

2) NYX epic Liner £9
I picked this up in the NYX store in Westfield.
This is the perfect eyeliner.
I love felt tip liners.
This is so black and so easy to use.
I literally use this every day, I can make perfect wings and perfect lines.
I cannot talk about this liner enough literally in my make up bag for ages.
I cannot leave the house without liner so this is a staple.

3) Urban Decay liquid lipstick in 1993.
These have had mixed opinions on them and well the one I have I love.
Never in a million years would my 15 year old self think I'd be wearing nude lips mostly.
The whole thing with my logo and the red lips is because its all I used to wear.
This lipstick is the perfect nudey brown for my skin tone.
I am very fair and this looks fine for me.
The packaging is beautiful and very heavy.
I am looking at some more of them to make sure the reviews are true.

4) Soap and Glory Brow Archery Brow tint and pencil and in brown £10
This is amazing for me.
I love my brow wiz from Anastasia but I love this.
This has a felttip liner for your brows on one end.
The other end has a brow pencil.
The only thing this is missing is a spoolie.
The colour matches me perfectly.
I have dark brown hair, I wish they had more shades so more people could enjoy this.
They only do three shades, hope they expand the range.

5) Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
This is my holy grail mascara.
I literally have gone through 2 tubes of this so far.
It makes my lashes look phenomenal.
I love the packaging the baby pink is gorgeous.
The weight of the product makes it feel luxury.
I love this and the waterproof version of it.
If you need some oomph to your lashes this is one of the best ones.

6) Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara £6.99
Yet another Mascara I mix and match my mascara's a lot and change them up again.
This is another mascara that makes your eyes look amazing.
This is a wet mascara so if you do not like that, you won't like this.
This is a jet black mascara though it literally as black as the night.
This makes me look like I have falsies on.
I love how inexpensive this is and how youtubers were coverstars for this shoot.

7) Eyelure X Fleur De Force Brow Gel Duo in Medium
I love Fleur this is no secret.
This gel is amazing though.
Yes the clear side is no longer clear.
I use this every day to set my brows.
I go to the gym with it on and work a 14 hour shift with it on.
My Brows do not budge.
I love the rose gold packaging and the tinted gel.
This is an amazing product and I'm so glad its a collab with influencers.


Friday, July 7

The E.L.F Haul

Hey Guys,

Hey Guys,

So a few weeks ago Superdrug launched that elf make up is joining the Superdrug family.
I did not actually get anything when I was  in America. So I went on a huge spender on elf make up even though it is very inexpensive.

The first two things I picked up are.
The elf illuminating palette £7.50.
This reminds me of the hula beauty quads.
They are super soft and pigmented.
The other highlight I got was a baked highlight in moonlight pearls.
This retails for £5.00.
I haven't used a baked highlight before so I'm excited for this.

Next is the lip products.
I got two of the matte lip colours in rich red and tea rose.
They retail for £4.50
The next item is the lip exfoliator in cherry.
I love that this is in a lipstick tube.
This also retails for £4.50.
The final item is a primer and plumper.
I wear many bright colours so this is going to go well underneath them.
This is also £4.50

The last items are face items.
I picked up these to see if they are dupes.
I got the concealer in fair, which is £4.50.
The next it the translucent powder.
I bake a lot and I have bad oil.
This is £7.50.
The final item is a blush and bronzer duo in St Lucia.
This is so beautiful.
I love bronzer and blush its become an new thing that I wanna buy.
These retail for £5.00 which is £2.50 per product.

So that is the haul!
Have you tried anything from the brand???



Wednesday, July 5

Battle of the Primers Drugstore

Hey guys,
I thought I would add a new item for my blog and this will be a battle for many different make up products.
This time round its going to be a battle of drugstore primers.
These primers  are all very similar in texture.
I have oily, acne prone skin so these primers needed to fight through the oil so that I do not end up with that much oil coming through.
I am a really oily girl I struggle with it especially on my nose and chin so over the passed few month I put these to the test with 2 foundations the estee Lauder double wear foundation and the urban decay naked skin. 

The three primers are Maybelline Baby skin (£7.99)
Nyx Angel Veil (£13)
Soap and Glory one heck of a blot (£10)

Angel veil

It really hides my pores.
It comes out white and is a beautiful primer.
This is good at fighting oil for about 4 hours.
I feel like its a bit expensive for a primer.
This worked better with the lighter foundation instead of the heavy duty one.
My thoughts out of 10: 6

Baby Skin

The next it baby skin.
Baby skin is more of a silicone based primer.
This comes out clear.
It slightly hides my pores but for me its not instant on me.
This did not change depending on thickness of a foundation.
It hides my oil for maybe 2 hours.
My thoughts out of 10: 5

One Heck Of A Blot

The final one is soap and glory one heck of a blot.
This primer you are supposed to be able to put on top of foundation and under it.
I love this one for oil control.
This also comes out white its less watery than angel veil.
It is about a mid range for drugstore primers.
This worked well with both foundations.
It made my naked skin foundation look flawless for longer.
It controls my oil for 5 hours before I need to blot.
my thoughts out of 10: 8.5

Have you tried these primers???
Which one is you fave??



Monday, July 3

Benefit Boxed Powders Review

Hey Guys,

I thought I would do a review on the new benefit boxed powder products.
I have a bronzer, highlight and a blush to review for you.
I have the hoola lite, dandelion twinkle and California.

 The first one I am going to review is dandelion twinkle.
This is a light highlight.
This is a soft highlight.
It is a highlight I wear on my softer make up days.
This is £24.50.

The next item is the hoola lite.
The original hoola is too orange and muddy for me.
This is a colour I needed in my collection.
I have such a fair complexion this matches perfectly.
I never used to bronze my skin because I never had a bronzer that matches and this is what I've been using to give me a sun kissed glow.
For all my pale girls this is what you need.
It gives you a bronze without being orange or muddy.

The last item Is the galefornia blush.
I had my eye on this since I first saw it on an Instagram called trendmood1.
This is the perfect summer colour.
There is a gold sprayover when you initially get the product.
I love the sun embossment in it.
This smells phenomenal.
If you love it its amazing.
It is suitable for so many skin tones. 

Top- Bottom: 
Hoola lite