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Monday, July 17

Barry M Colour Changing Lipsticks

Hey Guys,

So colour changing lipsticks are becoming more and more of a thing but the two brands that do it the most is Lipstick Queen and Barry M. I am going to talk about Barry M today seeing as they are the more affordable option and well I adore the brand.
Barry M have had colour changing lipsticks for a few year. Its called colour changing because the actual bullet of the lipstick is a different colour to what it will come out on your lips. 
The way it changes is something to do with your PH levels and that each individual person will have a specific shade for them from this lipstick.

Barry M's Newest edition of these lipsticks is Unicorn. 
This is the yellow one that turns into your perfect shade of coral/pink.
You have genie which is the green lipstick that turns Ito your perfect pink.
Finally you have Neptune which is a blue that turns into your perfect shade of dark pink/purple.
These each retail for £4.99

They are definitely a lipstick formula, they are ultra smooth and pigmented.
However, it becomes more like a stain and gives you that just ate a strawberry lip look.
I have been wearing these tons are work and being getting so many complements.
I also love the fact that Barry M is cruelty free and has been since 1982.
It is also a British owned brand which is phenomenal.

These lipsticks give you the pay off you need.
The website claims they last 8 hours. Once I've eaten its less there but still long lasting.
I adore the concept of this and how they do change on different people.
I tried these out on Jamie, (don't tell him I told you) and his shading was completely different to how it works on me.

Have you tried these???