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Monday, July 3

Benefit Boxed Powders Review

Hey Guys,

I thought I would do a review on the new benefit boxed powder products.
I have a bronzer, highlight and a blush to review for you.
I have the hoola lite, dandelion twinkle and California.

 The first one I am going to review is dandelion twinkle.
This is a light highlight.
This is a soft highlight.
It is a highlight I wear on my softer make up days.
This is £24.50.

The next item is the hoola lite.
The original hoola is too orange and muddy for me.
This is a colour I needed in my collection.
I have such a fair complexion this matches perfectly.
I never used to bronze my skin because I never had a bronzer that matches and this is what I've been using to give me a sun kissed glow.
For all my pale girls this is what you need.
It gives you a bronze without being orange or muddy.

The last item Is the galefornia blush.
I had my eye on this since I first saw it on an Instagram called trendmood1.
This is the perfect summer colour.
There is a gold sprayover when you initially get the product.
I love the sun embossment in it.
This smells phenomenal.
If you love it its amazing.
It is suitable for so many skin tones. 

Top- Bottom: 
Hoola lite